Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fixing Another Leaky Toilet

A few years ago I replaced the flapper and chain. And then, a few days ago, the extra slack in the chain started getting caught in the flapper and causing the toilet to run. Why it waited almost 5 years to start getting
Here you can see the extra slack in the chain
stuck in the flapper is beyond me. I tried putting it off, but the frustrated users of the toilet in the downstairs bathroom started hammering on the handle trying to get the toilet to stop running. They would crank the handle so hard the chain was coming off. It had to be dealt with.

The Tools

Simple. Just a pair of wire cutters.

Wire CuttersRemove slack in chain

The Job

Simple. Just cut the slack off with wire cutters. The chain could be made of metal like in my case, so you probably want to use the larger cutters. Make sure the clip that connects to the chain is sturdy. I think what happened to my toilet was that the chain slipped off the clip and someone using the toilet hooked the chain back on at the wrong point. I made sure to tighten the clip up a little and position it so that it wasn't really in a position to slip off.

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