Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Replacing the DVD Drive on an HP Pavilion G7 Laptop

This is a tutorial for replacing the DVD drive on an HP Pavilion G7 latop. This one belongs to my wife. I ended up doing some work on it, so I figured that it might be helpful to some people with the same model.

HP Pavilion G7 Laptop: Top View

The Tools 

The tools for this job are very basic. If you find yourself needing a lot of tools, then you are probably doing something wrong.

Philips #0 ScrewdriverUsed to remove and replace all of the small mounting screws
Flat Blade Pocket KnifeUsed to gently pry the DVD drive out if needed.

1. Take the battery out

First make sure there isn't a disc inside the drive you are replacing, or it will be hard to get out once the drive is taken out. Disconnect everything from the laptop and flip it over.Slide the battery release lever and flip the battery out.

2. Open the back panel

There's just one Philips screw holding the back panel on, and it's circled below. The screw doesn't come off, so just loosen it and slide the plastic cover forward and it should lift right off.

HP Pavilion G7 Laptop: Battery Removed

3. Remove DVD mounting screw

On my wife's machine, it's just a single screw holding the DVD drive in the unit, and it's circled below. Take the screw out and set it off to the side.

HP Pavilion G7 Laptop: DVD Drive Mounting Screw

4. Slide the drive out

At this point you should be able to gently pull the DVD drive out. Putting it back in is just as easy. It's a pretty tight fit, so it's hard not to get it aligned perfectly to put the screw back in.

HP Pavilion G7 Laptop: DVD Drive Removed 1

HP Pavilion G7 Laptop: DVD Drive Removed 2

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