Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fix USB Widgets With Super Glue

It's great that technology has gotten so cheap. The downside is that it's all now cheaply made. Lately I seem to be having bad luck with these USB widgets, like flash drives, Bluetooth & mouse dongles, etc. This Bluetooth dongle pictured below is awesome. It cost me $6 shipped from China and it's worked great. The other day I pulled it from my new USB 3 hub and half the dongle stayed in the hub!

I managed to snap it back together, but it still felt a little loose. I remember when Krazy-glue came out in the 70's. It was a badge of honor among boys to have their fingers semi-permanently stuck together. It was a useful product, but all the hype died down once people realized it wasn't as useful as it appeared to be, and of course all the mischief.

But it's still well suited to certain tasks. I use it mostly on broken things that are mostly plastic, like pretty much every bit of technology these days. In the photo below I used some super glue following the edge all the way around. I used the straight pin from my Swiss Army Knife to try to keep the glue from spreading too much to the connector itself. But I figure that I can always use my rotary tool to clean up the excess if I get too much glue on the connector, which didn't happen this time.

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