Monday, May 12, 2014

Review: Wiha 36291 Torx Screwdriver Set, 6 Piece

They say that good help is hard to find, and so are good tools. Buying an established USA brand is no guarantee of quality like it used to be. For screwdrivers I normally only buy USA made, due to other countries like China using softer steel, which might be fine for knives but is no good for screwdrivers. But sadly, even being made in the USA isn't what it used to be, as evidenced by my stripped Craftsman T7 Torx driver, which is USA-made. I stripped the driver trying to take the clip screws off of my Kershaw Cryo.

So I decided to go in a different direction. I saw a torx driver discussion on an Internet forum I frequent, and a few people were talking about Wiha so I decided to order one from Amazon for about 26 bucks with 2 day Prime shipping. These Wiha are made in Germany and seem to get universally good reviews.

Wiha 36291 Torx Screwdriver Set 2Wiha 36291 Torx Screwdriver Set 1

Wiha 36291 Torx Screwdriver Set 3

Wiha 36291 Torx Screwdriver Set 4

Wiha 36291 Torx Screwdriver Set 5

Build Quality

These Torx drivers seem very well built. I like the grippy, ergonomic handles. Though I haven't had a chance to try to abuse them, the tips look like they will stand up to abuse. A couple people in the thread mentioned above thought that the Wihas were too outside of their budget. Personally I've never regretted having spent extra money on good tools, where I've often regretted not spending enough and having cheap tools fail on me.

Wiha 36291 Torx Screwdriver Set 6

Wiha 36291 Torx Screwdriver Set 7

Fit and Finish

Overall, good. A few small issues like some rough plastic areas on the handles of a couple of the drivers and a little bit of the beginnings of what looks like corrosion on the closeup of the tip below. Other than those couple minor issues, what the photos also show is attention to detail. The markings and lettering are all nice and crisp.

One thing I don't like, though I won't take away points for, is the cheesy looking bar codes on the back of every driver.

Wiha 36291 Torx Screwdriver Set - Closeup Of Tip

Wiha 36291 Torx Screwdriver Set - Closeup Of Tip 2

Wiha 36291 Torx Screwdriver Set - Closeup Of Marking

Wiha 36291 Torx Screwdriver Set - Closeup Of Logo


The handles on these drivers feel great in my medium sized hands. The grip is nice and solid, which is the reason I bought this set over the more compact precision drivers. These bigger handles can get a lot more torque.


I had never hear of Wiha before a few weeks ago before someone on a hobbyist forum recommended them. They look to be worth every penny I paid for them, maybe 5 bucks each with tax, which seems like a pretty good value for a tool that probably won't have the heat treatment fail and strip the driver.

The larger handled versions like these go into the bigger toolbox. I will probably get the precision versions next.

Wiha 36291 Torx Screwdriver Set - In Roll Away Tool Box Drawer