Monday, August 31, 2015

How To Replace Battery In Chevy Suburban Key Fob

I've had my Chevy Suburban for 10 years, and I'm the original owner. It only has 50k miles on it and it's in great shape. For the most part, I've been kind to it. Sure, the carpet is perma-stained from raising kids, but overall it looks and drives almost like it was brand new.

My Suburban has aged gracefully, unlike its owner

The key fob for my 2003 Chevy Suburban has a pry point near the key ring. I tried at first to use a small jeweler's screwdriver, but it started damaging the plastic a little. Looking at it closer in good light, I realized that it was really expecting a flatter, wider screwdriver.

I paid 20 bucks a few years ago for this Wingman and it's paid for itself several times over, at least

Since my toolbox was ironically in the truck, I used my trusty Leatherman Wingman to pry the fob open, and it came right open with no problem.

Inside is a common CR2032 alkaline button cell battery. These batteries are cheap, and easy to find. I did end up using the tiny screwdriver to pry the battery out. Being a computer engineer, of course I had to walk outside and test the key fob to make sure it works, since the old one had gone dead.

Since this was the #2 fob, I also checked to see if it had the same problem where fob #1 was starting to honk the horn every time I locked the truck with the fob, which most people would normally do. It was pretty annoying coming out at midnight to get something out of the truck and having it honk the horn at that hour.

...and lo-and-behold, this fob doesn't honk the horn when I lock it, so I switched to using this one full time, since it also has a new battery. Now, I wonder why this one doesn't have the same problem. Does the other fob have a problem with the switch, or because it has the original battery just like this one had? Since I used my last CR2032 battery for this one, I will have to order more to find out.

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