Saturday, October 24, 2015

How To Fix Magic Chef RV Stove Not Lighting All The Way

This Magic Chef stove in the RV I just got was beyond disgusting. I may have to pull the whole unit just to clean it all the way, but for now I'll settle for the burners lighting properly. The oven won't light correctly, even after a new safety valve, but that's a different project.

The problem was that the individual burners were not lighting all the way around. Half the burner would light, dumping LP gas into the trailer and creating a dangerous and bad smelling situation. I could take a lighter and manually light the part of the burner that wan't lighting, but that's obviously not how the unit was meant to work.

And this is after I thoroughly cleaned it! Notice how grungy the back burners are--they weren't lighting correctly

The solution was to get a wire wheel set for my drill. Putting the wire wheel on all the burners served to unclog the little holes where the gas comes out. I'm no gas stove genius, but it was pretty clear that the smaller holes function to light the larger ones, making the flame work its way around the burner when just part of it is lit. The wire wheel cleaned out the gas holes and also made it look shiny and not disgusting.

Also, there are little holes in each burner that feed gas to the ignition manifold where you can turn the knob and light any one of the burners. I had to damage one of the metal tubes that connects to the burner. So, using the wire wheel to clean the ignition holes also made each burner light more easily.

They look shiny and light properly now

Only 4 hours of scrubbing the stove top and an hour with the wire wheel

These gas feeder tubes for the ignition are telescoping, meaning one smaller tube inside a larger one so it's easy to extend the tube into the burner or pull it out of the way when you're working on the burner. It's a decent design, except the tube to the front burner is seized, making it too short, so it falls off randomly. So, I also sprayed some penetrating catalyst, and I'll come back in a week or so and see if I can extend the front tube. It's funny that it rusted set to its shortest setting, meaning that this oven hasn't worked right in a long time!

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