Monday, October 17, 2016

Replacing The Circuit Board On A Dometic RV Fridge

An RV refrigerator is a wondrous thing. It can operate on either electricity or propane, and when it works you can run the fridge just as easily at the lake as you can hooked to the power grid. When it works. My Dometic RM 2852 fridge has given me endless grief.

Ever since I've owned the unit, it has wanted to run the inside of the fridge at about 20 degrees Fahrenheit, which does really bad things to things like lettuce and soda. At first I replaced the thermistor sensor and that worked great for a while, but then it started having the same problem again.

This time I was pretty sure it was the circuit board because sometimes I would cycle the power and the fridge work work fine for a while before it went back to ruining all my food again. It was pretty aggravating so I finally unplugged it, scrubbed every inch of it clean, redid the connections on the custom sensor, and ordered the Dinosaur Micro P-711 replacement circuit board for my fridge. I did quite a bit of research and pretty much everyone is saying good things about this aftermarket motherboard.

Step 1 - Unplug Power

Unplug the RV from any shore power and disconnect the batteries.

Step 2 - Pull Connectors

Take the mount screw off the existing board housing and pull the cover off. Then pull the modular connectors from old circuit board. Leave the ones on the bottom connected for now since they are easier to get mixed up, and you really don't want to mix them up.

Step 3 - Dismount Old Board

The old board just slides out once the single mounting screw is removed. Once the modular connectors are taken off, you can slide the board out of its mount and push it out of the way a little bit.

Step 4 - Mount New Board

Pushing the old board out of the way, push the new board into the mount. It should just pop right in.

Step 5 - Move Bottom Connectors

Now you can carefully pull each connector one-by-one with your hands and move them onto the new board.

Step 6 - Move Modular Connectors

At this point the old board is completely unattached and you can set it off to the side. Take the few modular connectors and connect those to the new board.

Step  7 - Connect Ground Wire

There's a little ground block off to the right side of the board, so I took the mounting nut off and attached the green ground wire to the block.

Step 8 - Power On!

At this point you can plug in your RV, reconnect the batteries and turn the fridge on. Mine takes several hours to cool down to operating temperature. So far it seems to be working fine!

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